Version: Business Enterprise Advanced

Platform: Web Android IOS

Role: User  Manager Accountant  Administrator

There are two terms in N2F to understand the principle of expense reporting.


An expense corresponds to a receipt or an amount spent on a purchase (restaurant, accommodation, toll fee, etc.).

Therefore, users have multiple expenses each month.

Expense report

A travel expense report corresponds to a grouping of expenses or a "virtual envelope" that have been spent over a certain period (week, month, etc.) or on the occasion of a certain event (trade fair, trip to a customer, project, etc.). 

In N2F, each travel expense report has a standard name ("March 2020").

This report title can be changed in accordance with your company policy ("Fair London 2020" etc.).  


With this button you can create a new travel expense report from your mobile phone.

With this button you can add a new expense.