All data entered in N2F can be exported for reporting purposes.

In order to generate an export perfectly adapted to your company's needs, you can configure a Customizable export from the Data analysis tab in the Web version.

Several search filters are available to analyze your activity over a specific period, a legal entity, an employee, an expense category. You can also filter data over personalized fields: a client, a project…

You can choose the data you want to be displayed in columns:

You will find on the left the list of available data, and on the right the list of data already selected to be exported (which you can move up or down to organize the categories.)

Step 1: A search engine helps you easily find the name of a variable within the list.

Step 2: The arrow at the right of the data lets you switch it to the displayed data category.

Step 3: You can sort the exported data with a variables list.

Step 4: The last step lets you export data:

  • At the PDF format
  • At the CSV format
  • To save this setting in your favorites and keep it for future exports, it will be kept in the “My favorites” tab (Settings – Advanced Settings – Data analysis – My favorites)


If you have several legal entities registered in your account, you first need to select the entity you want to analyze to be able to select an analytical axis (client, project, cost center…)