Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator


Generating a SEPA transfer file from N2F allows you to extract a transfer order file for several employees in one go. You can then send it directly and easily to your bank. 

The SEPA credit transfer file meets a standard and is accepted by any European bank. 

To set it up in your N2F account: 


1/ You must first select in the company information sheet: N2F generates a transfer file (either only or in addition to the accounting entries file). 

These files will be generated when the expense reports  


From the Web version

Settings – Advanced settings – Company – Accounting process 



2/ The company's bank details must then be completed so that they can be exported to the SEPA transfer file as the account to be debited: 


3/ Finally, you will have to fill in the bank details of the users in their user file. 

From the Web version

Settings – Advanced settings – Users – Expense reimbursement 


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The SEPA transfer file is exported in XML format at the time of accounting.

You will need to download it for transmission to your bank. 



The amount entered in the transfer order may be different from the total amount of the expense report: 

  • If the user has outstanding advances 
  • If expenses are not reimbursable