The brand new version of the N2F application is finally available!

The app has been completely updated! With a new design, it allows you to access new features to make it even more user-friendly.

Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Role : User Manager Accountant Administrator

Discover the new available features!

A brand new design! 

You will find a brand new display, more modern and dynamic. Our goal was to make the entry of expenses more smooth and intuitive, both for the creation of your expense reports and the validation of your employees' expenses. We have improved the clarity of the expenses so as to allow a fast and simple handling.

New shortcuts!

Thanks to the simplification of accesses, entering expenses on our application has been optimized. You are now able to consult your expenses' statistics live, which also allows you to make analyses on your expenses per period or category. 

Depending on your role, the shortcuts are customizable:

  • When users open a new expense report, they can now add a route or a mileage allowance. This access is going to be very useful to users who move the most. Access will be determined depending on the configuration of the company account.

  • When the manager consults their expense reports, they can simply click the "Approval" access which will automatically redirect them to the correct tab. They can then approve their coworkers' expense reports

  • In order to check your statistics, you will find a new access. It allows to monitor and follow up on your expenses.



This new version allows you to customize the display of your account. You will have a choice among colors such as green, blue or red.

If you use shared accesses on a regular basis, here is an element which is going to make entering expenses easier: you can now add an avatar to your profile. This way, your photo will appear on the top right hand corner.

Dark mode!

For further comfort and energy savings, you now have the possibility to put the application on dark mode

Manager approval!

Managers will find more information when approving expense reports to have a comprehensive view of expenses and reduce the risk of making mistakes: comments associated to expenses, names of the guests, of projects, or cost centers associated to each expense.

For the moment, the iOs version is still unavailable. Our development teams are however working on it, and as soon as this version is out, we will let you know!

For further questions, feel free to contact our support at the following email address and phone number:

04 26 78 52 10