Version: Business Enterprise Advanced

Platform: Web Android IOS

Role: User Manager Accountant Administrator

It is now possible to modify the size of the receipt in the PDF synthesis. You can now choose to display your receipt in full page / half page / quarter page mode.

This feature is available on the user sheets and can be changed at any time. To do this, you must go to your settings (1) advanced settings (2) users (3): 

You can then select the employee concerned or proceed with the creation of the new user (4)

In the “PDF Export” section, you can scroll down the “Default supporting document size” list and choose the desired display:

Possible display types:

1:4 Quarter page = maximum of four receipts per page

1:2 Half page = maximum of two receipts per page

1:1 Full page = one receipt per page

Hidden = receipts are not exported


Note: The change in this display is not retroactive. If you want to apply a new default setting after the creation of the expense report, you will need to modify it for it to take effect.

For more details and any additional questions, contact our support: