Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

After configuration, N2F can interface with your accounting software and create an accounting entries file in the accounting stage. 

This step is the last mandatory step in the validation workflow. 


To account expense reports and export the accounting entries, in the Accounting tab, select the expense report(s) to be posted; then click on “Account selected reports”: 



A message informs you that the checks were successful, and you can preview the entries (otherwise, you get a clear error message informing you that a setting is missing): 


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By clicking on “Next”, you will be able to select the accounting date, which will then be exported as the accounting date in the accounting export if you have this variable in your document. 



Finally, you will be able to download the accounting entries file to your computer: 



You will be able to download the accounting entries file again by going to the Accounting History tab and clicking on the posting line: 


Did you know?

We offer pre-configured accounting exports in N2F, but our teams of consultants are also available for support and customization according to your accounting software. 

Do not hesitate to contact our teams for more information: 


By phone: +33(0)4 26 78 52 10