Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

Analytical axes management in N2F allows you to:

1. Report

From Data analysis, you will be able to export specific data concerning a project, un client, a cost center… Very useful to keep an eye on the budget analysis and cost control of the company!

2. To re-invoice your costs to your clients

By specifying a client's information in an expense (and checking the “Billable client” box), it is easy to extract the costs generated by a specific client. This way, you can export him an overview to re-invoice travel expenses. For more information, read the following article: INSERER LIEN UNE FOIS TRADUIT

3. Manage cost accounting

With the Advanced version, you can export your accounting entries directly from N2F and add information related to an analytical axis already created and analyzed in your accounting software.

Cost accounting (in addition to general accounting based on a defined chart of accounts) adds a financial analysis layer into your accounting software. This way it is possible, for example, to combine the expenses (including the amounts of the expense reports) and the income of a project to assess its profitability.

There are 5 default analytical axes in N2F:

  • Vehicles
  • Payment methods
  • Clients
  • Projects
  • Cost centers

These default axes cannot be renamed, but the Enterprise and Advanced versions of the app let you create and customize new analytical axes/personalized fields (affairs/missions…)

For more information, read the following article: How to add Analytics in N2F?