Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

For even more simplicity, mobile notifications are now available on Android applications version 2.33.0 and later and on iOS versions 2.42.0 and later! 


Please note: Mobile notifications are not enabled by default in N2F. 


You can activate them by logging into the Web version

  • via the Settings tab  [1]  > Personal settings  [2] > Notification part [4]


You can then: 

  • Activate “All notifications” on mobile device: 

  • Or activate only the notifications you want to receive on your mobile device: 

You can also activate these notifications on a mobile device by logging into the Mobile app [Android Version 2.33.0 or higher] :

  • Click on the left burger menu [1]  > Settings  [2] > Notifications tab  [3]

You can select the notifications you want to activate: 

You can now receive your notifications directly on your mobile!