Version: Business Enterprise Advanced

Platform: Web Android IOS

N2F also manages your invoices and receipts that you have received by email (Booking, Amazon, Easyjet etc.)! 


Step 1: Forward the electronic invoice to the email address, sent from the email address that you use to log in to your N2F account.
A confirmation email will be sent to you immediately to signal that the invoice has been received in N2F.

- The invoice must be attached to the email (not in the email text).
- Only one invoice can be attached to the email.
- The email must contain the email address set up in the N2F account as the sender address.

Step 2: The sent invoice is then automatically prepared as a pending expense item in N2F. Click on the "New expense" button in the web or mobile application to complete the recording of the expense:

Step 3: After assigning an expense category, N2F automatically recognizes the most important information (total amount, VAT, date, description) and pre-populates these fields of the expense. You just have to check the data!