Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

Yes,  it is possible to easily extract the number of meal voucher not to be distributed to your employees. 

Indeed, if one of your employees has entered a restaurant expense in N2F or has been invited to lunch by a colleague, the rule is to deduct a meal voucher from this user. 


To do so, you must go to the Data Analysis tab in the Web version


Data Analysis – Meal tracking 


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You can apply different filters (4) that allow you to select the concerned users, the days of the week taken into account and the impacted categories. 

Then you can generate the file in .csv or .pdf format. 

It is also possible to add filters to select only the meals concerning a certain project, for example; by clicking on More filters.


The result is a summary of the month per entity and by user, with a total of meal voucher not to be distributed.




If you want to have more details, you can extract a summary by user who recorded the expense. 





In such case, the summary is sent to your mailbox. 



2. Extract a global rebillable expenses summary


It is also possible to export the summary of rebillable expenses by filtering on a specific customer, a period of time, a user, …


From the Web version


Data analysis / Billable expenses 


The export allows you to generate a PDF summary per customer.



  • If an expense is rebillable, a client must always be filled in for the generated PDF to be correct. 
  • If some expenses related to a specific expense category are always rebillable, you can force this notion from the expense category display: Settings / Advanced settings / Expense categories / Display