Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

You can manage different payment methods in N2F:  by adding, deleting and restricting their access to certain users. 


From the Web version:

Settings / Advanced settings / Analytics and databases / Payment method

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6. Add a new payment method 

7. Delete a payment method 

8. Search for a payment method 


You can then go to a payment method to manage the settings


9. Fill in all the parameters of your payment method: 

  • The payment method code must be unique
  • The payment method's wording 
  • If it is a professional payment method: 
    • It debits the employee's account (business card): then the expense will be reimbursable to the user.
    • It debits the company's account (company card): then the expense will be forced to be not-reimbursable to the employee.
  • The counterpart account to be charged is to be completed if you are in Advanced version, and you generate an accounting export file
  • The type of payment method (credit card, cash; check, etc…)
  • The credit card number is optional 
  • Restrict access to the payment method so that only selected users can access it: for more information, you can consult the dedicated article: how to restrict access to a payment method? 

A user will not have access to professional payment methods if the administrator has not given them the authorization in his user file 

(Settings – Advanced settings – Users – Expense reimbursement) 



- We recommend to keep only the payment methods used on your account so as not to overload the display when entering expenses. 

- You can choose a favorite payment method from your personal settings. 



The payment method settings determine whether an expense is reimbursable or not. For further information; you can consult the dedicated article: Why does my expense have been registered as non-reimbursable?