Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

In N2F, the status lets you know at which step of the validation process your expense report is.

1. You can see the status of an expense report in the “My expense reports” from the Web version:

and from the mobile version:

An expense report can have different statuses:

  • Open: you haven't submitted it to your manager yet, you can still edit it and add expenses.
  • Processing: you have submitted the expense report for approval, you cannot edit it anymore.
  • Approved: your manager approved your expense report.
  • Verified: your administrative department has verified your expense report (receipts, taxes…)
  • Payment in progress: your expense report has been recorded, your reimbursement will be made in a few days.
  • Reimbursed: the company generated the refund.

2. On the Web version, you can also consult the validation process of an expense report for more details on the past or future processing steps of this expense report.

For each expense report, every step validated sends an email. To manage the receipt of emails from N2F, see this article.