Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

Do you or your employees have to enter costs for 2 different entities?

You must therefore create a second account attached to the second entity.

A user's account can only be linked to a single entity via its email address. Otherwise, the following message pops up:

Given that the same email address can only be attached to a single N2F account, an “alias” address must be created.

You will therefore need to create the second account with the same email address as the first one but add a suffix in square brackets according to the following example:

  • Connection address for account n°1 on entity n°1 =
  • Connection address for account n°2 on entity n°2 =[entity2]

The full address, with the statement in square brackets, will be the employee's connection login. He will receive all his notifications on his standard email address.

Then the employee can share access from his secondary account to the main account via the procedure presented in the following FAQ article: Access sharing management

This procedure allows them to access both accounts and enter expenses for both entities.

For your part, the expenses entered for each entity can be attached to different models if necessary, be subject to different fee policies and managed separately in accounting.