It may happen that the management of some parameters do not have to be done by the account's administrator. It is now possible to delegate these rights by creating specific roles.

Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator


In your company, you might be used to sharing the management of some tasks with other services.

In N2F, you will be able to give the accountant the responsibility to deal with advance requests, tax management or export files, or let Human Resources or managers take over vehicle approval.


So as to delegate these rights, you need to :

Go to your Settings / Advanced Settings / Users and select a user:

In the user's file, click on the “role” drop-down list and press “Manage”:

From the Manage roles screen, you will see the 4 N2F default locked roles:

And you will be able to click on “Add a role” so as to create and customize new ones.

You then have the possibility to name this new role and tick the general right to give to it. By ticking the sixth box (Manage application settings) and pressing "Details", additional options that you have the possibility to add appear. 

You can then choose which rights will be granted to the new role, associate it to the legal entities of choice on the right-hand side. Once the role has been created and configured, do not forget to save. 

To finish with, go to the file of the user to whom this new role will be associated and select it as follows: