After an expense report has been submitted, you might realize it included an omission or a mistake. It is then possible to recall it so as to correct it. This recall can be configured by following the steps described in our dedicated article.

Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

Once in the expense report, in one of the status for which recalling is allowed, you simply need to click on "Recall report" so that it goes back to the "In progress" status and you can make changes.

When pressing the "Recall report", you will be proposed to comment the recall of this report:

Then, when a report has been recalled, it will be visible from the expense report timeline inside the report. First, press “Validation workflow” and then, when moving the mouse over “Recall”, the associated comment appears.

You can then modify the report as you wish and then submit it again so that it returns to the validation workflow.