Version: Business Enterprise Advanced

Platform: Web Android IOS

Role: User Manager Accountant Administrator

    N2F now allows the calculation of Polish Per diem, it is a financial compensation allocated to employees during their business trips.


1) Calculation rule:

  • Trip to Poland, less than 24H: 
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  • Trip to Poland, more than 24H: 


  • Trip abroad: 
The amount of compensation paid is calculated according to the country of destination and the length of stay.


2) Creating a daily allowance expense:

From an expense report > open a new expense (1) > then choose the "Per diem" category (2):

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You will then only have to insert the information of the different steps which make up your trip (3), and add other steps if necessary (4) :

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Once your steps are entered, compensation calculations will automatically take place, creating a new part in the expense category (5).

In this part of the expense category, you can also specify by day whether meal deductions or other supplements should be taken into account (6) :

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Once all the desired fields have been filled in, you can directly validate your expense by clicking on “Save”.

The expenses related to your trip will then be created in your expense report:


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You would like more information on Polish daily allowances? Feel free to contact us here: 

04 26 78 52 10