Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

To add a new user in N2F, you need to go to the “Users” tab:

The creation of a new N2F user can be done by manually filling the user sheet (1) or by doing a mass import (2) with the file template you can download from N2F:

You will then need to fill in all the obligatory fields on the file.

If a message related to the maximum number of users reached pops up, you will need to add users to your subscription like so: 

Read this article to learn about the impact of such a manipulation of the invoicing.

If you have the Business version, your subscription does not allow you to have several users on the same account. You first need to switch to the Enterprise version.

The Enterprise version allows you to:

  • Have several users connected to the same account.
  • Do data analysis for all users.
  • Set up an approval workflow (so you can approve your collaborators' notes if you wish.)
  • Pay only once for all users.

How to upgrade to Enterprise version?

Contact our support team, they will tell you the pricing conditions:

By email:

By phone: +33(0)4 26 78 52 10