Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

You can easily find a user's expense report using our Advanced search tool. 


This tab gives you access in consultation only to all the expense reports authorized by your workflow. 



  • A user will only see their expense reports. 
  • A manager will only see his expense reports and those of their team. 
  • An accountant will only see their expense reports and those they verify/ account for. 
  • An administrator will see all the expense reports of the account (or of their company). 


From the Web version


By clicking on “Display expense reports assigned to employees” and then “Personalize”, you can filter the expense reports of one or more employees

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In advanced search, you will have access to all the expense reports authorized by your workflow in consultation only. To modify the information of an expense report, you will have to go to the step in which the expense report is located (approval / verification/ accounting). 



You can refine your search with other filters (date / note status / note number…).