Depending on your reimbursement policy, it is possible not to reimburse an expense if it is considered “too old”.

Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

In order to automatically make an expense non-reimbursable, if the date is considered too old, first you should go to your Settings / Advanced Settings / Templates and select the template you want to modify.

Then, inside the template, open the Advanced Settings and then scroll down to the “Others” section.

You will then have the possibility to enter the expenses of your coworkers which are older than X days non-reimbursable. If the box is ticked, the editable default number of days is 90. 

Once finished, do not forget to save your modifications.

The user will then be able to enter their expenses without being blocked. When submitting their expense report, however, they will receive the following error message that will tell them that their report will be noted as non-reimbursable:

In the validation workflow, managers or accountants will have the possibility to make these reports reimbursable if need be.