Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

In order to avoid blocking expense reports waiting for approval, you can, as an administrator, export the list of these reports to inform the managers about them.

To do so, go to the Data Analysis module and click on “Other preconfigured exports”


Then, select “Elements awaiting approval” and then the period over which you want to make the research and the type of date you want to apply (here, reports created over the last 12 months).

You will also have the possibility to add filters on some users, expense categories, and many alternative criteria of your choice. 

Once you have picked all the criteria for your research, click on “Generate export”.

N2F will suggest: 

— Saving this export as a favorite, to which you will be able to give a name to find it more easily in the Data analysis module in “My favorites”, therefore allowing you to generate the same type of exports quickly.

— Generating the Excel file according to the criteria you have selected: 

The creation of this file allows you to easily tell your managers about reports in the “approval” workflow step, and to consider transferring the approval to other coworkers if necessary.

To do so, you simply need to go to the “Approval” tab and select the manager you want to contact in the “See manager view” filter:

You will then see all the expense report that the selected manager must approve. 

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