Version: Business Enterprise Advanced

Platform: Web Android IOS

Role: User Manager Accountant Administrator

You can track your vehicles' fuel and electricity consumption from the Web version of N2F. To do so, you will need to go to your Personal Settings, in which you will be able to select the desired measurement units



Once the unit of measurement selected, the expense category linked to your fuel and electricity consumption will have to be set up so that the entry of a volume (liters or kWh) and vehicle used are visible or even mandatory when entering the expense. 



The vehicle consumption will automatically be calculated from the second expense associated with the vehicle on. You will then be able to consult this consumption directly in the following expenses related to the selected volume, as well as in the Data Analysis tab using this variable: Average use since last full tank 



For further questions, feel free to contact our support at the following email address and phone number:

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