Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Plateforme : Web Android IOS

Rôle : Utilisateur Manager Comptable Administrateur

N2F allows you to save time with the implementation of automatic categorization when using the smart scan on the mobile app.

A new feature to save even more time when entering your expenses!

Using automatic categorization on the N2F mobile app will not change your experience with the smart scan. In your expense report, you can use the smart scan:

Once the photo has been taken and validated, a menu will be displayed, then once the category has been recognized by N2F, the latter will inform you that the expense category of your receipt has been identified. 

During this process, you will always have the option to skip this feature by clicking on “Ignore” (1), which will open the selection field for the different expense categories.

Once the detection is completed, two situations will be possible: 

N2F has detected only one category for your expense, in which case you will enter the expense menu directly.

- N2F has detected several categories of the same type for your expense – restaurant for example (1), in which case it will propose you all the categories of the same type with the possibility to display all the expense categories (2).

You can always change the category of your expense by clicking on the gear icon at the top right of your screen (1), then selecting “Change category” (2).

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Phone: +33 4 26 78 52 10