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A company is constantly changing, and its needs often vary over time. In this context, you may have to remove an analytical axis value.

Although the expense history is kept, it is important to note that once an analytical axis is deleted, you are no longer able to filter this data for your analyses.

To delete an analytical value (a client, a project, a vehicle, etc.), you must first ensure that all expense reports mentioning this data have been through the accounting step. You can then go to your Settings (1) > advanced settings (2) > Analytics and databases (3) > pick the legal entity in question (4) > choose the analytics to be modified (5):


The pictogram of the basket will appear at the end of the line when you mouse over the item to be deleted (6) and (7):


Specific cases:

1) The analytical axis depends on a parent/child link

    If the value to be deleted is linked to another analytical axis by a parent or child field, you will need to remove this link before you can delete the data.

To do this, you will have to go to the analytic's sheet (second line on the example above) > choose ┬źNo parent┬╗ > validate the modification.


You can then start the elimination procedure detailed earlier.


2) The value is set as a favorite on a user file

    If the value to be deleted is assigned by default to a user (a project, a vehicle, a cost center, etc.), you will have to go to the user(s) in question via your settings (1) > advanced settings (2) > users (3) > select user (4) > delete default value (5) and (6) > Save (7) :


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