Version: Business Enterprise Advanced

Platform: Web Android IOS

Role: User Manager Accountant Administrator

It is possible, during the approval, verification or accounting steps of the expense report, to delete an expense that you do not want to manage. 

To do this, simply open the relevant expense and click on the “actions” button at the top right, then on “delete”: 

You will need to justify the reasons for the deletion. 

The employee will be informed by email of the deletion of the expense and the reason for it.

You can find the expenses deleted during the expense report validation process from the “validation workflow”:


Note: It is not possible to restore an expense deleted by mistake.

However, you will be able to recreate the expense if necessary in the verification and/or accounting stage. You will only need to: 

- Visualize and then download the expense receipt 

- Create the expense using the "new expense" button in order to add the downloaded receipt

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