Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

You are new to N2F and willing to declare your first expenses, you will find below all the elements that might be helpful to you.

There are two solutions:

  •  Watch a video tutorial by clicking here.
  •  Read the detailed article below.

Creating an expense report from the mobile app:

  •  Open the N2F app on your smartphone – Click on the "+"
  •  If needed, rename the expense report (1)
  •  Choose between scanning the receipt (2) (Recommended) or the manual entry of the expense (3)

  •  Take a photo of your receipt
  •  Affect the corresponding category to your receipt.
  •  Recognized information will be filled in automatically.

 Fill in the missing information (means of payment, mileage counter, customer) depending on the expense category and your company's policy.

  •  Validate your expense (4)

  •  Once you're back on your list of expenses, you can add a new expense (5)
  •  You can click on an already existing expense to modify it (6)
  •  Submit your expense report to your manager when it is completed (7)
  •  Now you can return (8) and see all of your expense reports displayed in a list, and visualize their status.

Creating an expense report from the Web version:

  •  Log in to the app.
  •  Click on My expense reports (1) – New expense report (2)
  •  You can change the title of the expense report (3)
  •  Create a new expense in this expense report (4)

  •  Select the corresponding category.
  •  Add the receipt (5)
  •  Complete the missing fields (6)
  •  Validate your expense.

Getting back on the expense report's screen allows you to :

  •  Submit your expense report if it is complete (7)
  •  Add a new expense (8)
  •  Modify an already entered expense (9)

When getting back on the main screen :

  •  You have an overview of all your expense reports with their corresponding statuses, which allows you to track they're reimbursed.
  •  You can create a new expense report (you can create as many as you like every month.)