Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

In N2F, the role of Manager allows people to approve expense reports from their team (besides being able to create their own expense reports).  

We are talking about the operational approval of the expense report: Are the expenses made by the employee justified in the performance of his duties?

In the first place, you will find in the link below a video tutorial for your first steps in the approval as a Manager (only in French for the moment): video tutorials

When an employee of your team submits his expense report, you receive a notification to approve it (further information in the article dedicated to notifications management: How to manage N2F email notifications?)

Approve an expense report from the mobile app

You can go to the “Approval” section:



You will find out a complete list of expense reports awaiting approval.

Furthermore, you will be able to rapidly approve or reject the expense report by clicking on the thumbs on the top right-hand corner of the screen (3).

To reject an expense from an expense report, you can click on the expense (4) and make the expense “non-reimbursable” (5). The user will then receive an email in which he will be informed that his expense report has been changed and that the amount reimbursed will be lowered by the sum of the refused expense. 

Approve an expense report from the Web version

If you want to have more details about an expense report awaiting approval, you can also use the Web version. 

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You will find different filters on the left part of the screen (2) which will allow you to reveal only expense reports of one user in particular, on a specified period of time, containing certain warnings, etc…

By hovering your mouse over an expense report, you may approve it, reject it, or transfer it to another manager with one click (3). 

To check on each expense report, you can click on the expense report you want to check: 

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You can also take a look at the workflow of the expense report (1) to check the past and future steps. 

By clicking on an expense (2), you may consult information entered by an employee (comment, name of the guests, client, project, etc…) and correct them if it is required.

For further analyses, expenses can be displayed as regrouped by category or in the form of comparative summary:

Reject an expense among other expenses 

In case you would like to approve every expense except one, you can transfer this expense to another expense report. To do so, you may go into the details of the expense and click on “Actions” and then “Change expense report”: 

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You can select the expense report to which you want to transfer the expense, or you can create a new expense report on the user's profile, which you may call “Rejected expense”. This expense report goes back to its “Processing” step. The user will then be informed by email. 


The expense will disappear as the expense report is approved. 

Raise a limit of expenses

Whenever an expense exceeds a blocking limit, it is identified as “Limit exceeded”. The reimbursable amount, equal to the limit, appears below the amount reported. If you encounter the notion of “Raise a limit” marked in your user sheet, you can then click on the expense you want and click on the icon to raise the limit: 

You may then indicate the new allowed reimbursable sum.


Once expense reports have been approved, they disappear from the “Approval” section, however you can consult it from the Advanced Search.