In N2F, the “Accountant” role allows an employee to access the “Verification”, “Accounting” and “Data analysis” tabs. An accountant can oversee his coworkers' expense reports (in addition to being able to create his own reports):


  • Verification: administrative control (recoverable VAT, quality of the receipts, accounting accounts, etc.)
  • Accounting: generation of the accounting entries file and/or SEPA transfer file.


When an expense report has to go through the Verification or the Accounting steps of the process, you receive an email notification (further information about notifications management in the following article : How to manage N2F's email notifications ?)


When going to the Web version, you can access the Verification tab:


You will find varied filters on the left side (2), allowing you to display only the expense reports of a particular employee, over a specific period, containing certain alerts, etc.

By hovering your mouse over an expense report, you can mark it as verified, refuse it or transfer it to another accountant in 1 click (3).


Control/Data modification


To control each expense, you can click on the concerned expense report.

Within each expense, you will be able to control and modify the data if necessary. It is important to check some administrative data, such as:

  •  The quality of the receipt (the date of the expense, the VAT, the amount, the name of the provider and the description of the expense must appear clearly on the receipt for it to be valid.)
  •  The amount of VAT and recoverable VAT (more information in the dedicated article: How to see the amount of recoverable VAT on an N2F expense?)
  •  The expense category. If it needs to be modified, click on Actions/Change category :

  •  The cost center (automatically attached to the expense category, but it can be manually modified if necessary.)
  •  Analytical data (customer, project, cost center, etc …).
  •  The different alerts:


Addition of a new expense


The accountant can create a new expense for the employee (this can be useful to add unknown charges when entering the expense, such as bank charges):


Refuse an expense among several


If you want to validate all expenses except one, you can transfer this expense to another expense report. To do this, go to the detail of the expense, then click on Actions/Change expense report:


Choose the expense report to which you want to transfer the expense, or you can create a new expense report on the profile of the emitter, that you call “Refused expense”. This report will go back to the “Open” status. The emitter then receives an email notification.

The expense will then disappear from the report, and you will be able to verify all the other expenses, which prevents the whole report from being blocked because of a single invalid expense.


Raise a limit


When an expense exceeds a blocking limit, it is clearly identified. The reimbursable amount, equal to the limit, appears under the amount declared. If you have the “Has the privilege to raise limits” box checked in your user sheet (only an administrator can modify it), you can click on the expense in question and then on the icon to raise the limit:


Next, you will be able to specify the new reimbursable amount granted.


Accounting an/several expense report(s)


The obligatory Accounting step allows you to:

  •  Shift an expense report to the “Reimbursed” status.- Send an email notifying the employee that his expense report will be reimbursed.
  •  Generate an accounting entries report (Further information available in the following article : How to generate an accounting entries file from N2F?)

 Generate a SEPA transfer file (Further information available in the following article : How to generate a SEPA transfer file?) 


In all cases, you need to go to the Accounting tab, select one or several expense reports that need to be posted, and click on “Account selected reports”:


Data analysis


Your role as an accountant gives you access to the Data analysis tab in order to export the data entered in N2F, in order to report (Further information available in the Exports and analysis section.)

Find an expense report

To consult your coworkers' reports, you can go to the Advanced search tab.

You also have the possibility to see the expense reports concerned by the accounting from the Accounting history tab, clicking on the number of reports concerned. 

(Further information available in the following article : How to search for a user's expense reports?)