Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

When an employee leaves the company, you might want to delete their account (to assign the license to their replacement, for example), you need to ensure that you respected the following steps.

1. Check if the departing employee's expense reports have been accounted.

From the Web version and the “Advanced Search” tab, you may review the user's expense reports. 


Caution: if the user has a Manager or Accountant role, it is very important that they have validated all the expense reports awaiting their action.


2. When all of their expense report have been "accounted", you can delete their account 

Settings – Advanced settings – Users – Delete.


3. Once the employee's account is deleted, create an account for their replacement

Settings - Advanced settings - Users - New user

Note: it is essential that you first delete the user and then create the oncoming one. You should never update an existing user's file to make it into another one.

4. Finding a deleted employee's expense history

Deleting a user doesn't delete their history in N2F


You can retrieve a deleted user's expense reports from the Advanced Search tab on the Web interface by selecting the employee's name in the filter “Display expense reports assigned to employees”, by selecting “Personalize”: 


You can view all their expense reports and extract all their data (including receipts/pdf).

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