Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

Yes, it is possible to create multiple workflows in N2F. They then need to be assigned to the different types of expense reports. 

To create a new workflow from the Web version

Settings / Advanced settings / Workflows / New workflow



5: You can fill in clear label (Workflow frames – Workflow N+1 / N+2 / etc …)


6: The order of the different validation steps can be adapted (you can define the verification step before or after the manager approval step). 


7: You can add as many approval steps as you like. 


8: You will then need to designate the person/ department that will be in charge of each step. 

In the approval stage, if you select them, the Direct Manager (N+1) represents the person entered in the user's sheet. 

The Manager (N+2) is the manager of the direct manager (N+1). 

You can also select a Specific manager from the drop-down list.

In the verification and accounting stages, it is possible to select the Accounting department or a Specific Accountant


9: It is possible to remove the approval and verification steps, the only step which remains mandatory is the accounting step. 


After creation, the workflow must be assigned to the type of expense report from the Web version

Settings / Advanced settings / Templates / Choose a type of expense report (or a new type of expense report) 



6: Select the company, the profile, and the workflow to apply to the selected expense report type (5). 



  • Users that can approve expense reports must have a Manager or Administrator role
  • Users that can verify and account expense reports must have an Accountant or Administrator role
  • Roles are defined in each user's sheet. 
  • To create a personalized workflow, users must already be created in the application. 


If your expense policy is more complex, with workflows that vary according to a category – a project – an amount… Do not hesitate to contact our technical team so that we can analyze your needs and propose an adapted configuration. 


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