Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

To improve the monitoring phase, N2F now detects duplicates when 2 identical receipts are submitted in the same company!

If there are at least two expenses which:

  • Have the same receipt – detection based on the following information:
  1. Same date
  2. Same time (hour)
  3. Same amount
  • Have been submitted,
  • Regardless of the user, expense category, or expense report template,

An alert is displayed to highlight the potential presence of a duplicate:

This feature lets you know if:

  • An employee used the same receipt twice.
  • Two employees of the same company have scanned the same receipt.

Should the time not be detected, because it is not visible on the receipt, the detection of the duplicate would be calculated according to the following rules:

There are at least two expenses which:

  • Belong to the same user
  • Are submitted
  • Belong to the same expense category
  • Are done at the same date
  • Have the same amount

These rules can vary depending on the expense categories.

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