Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

In N2F, you can save your favorite trips to enter your mileage expenses even faster. You can also use a Google Maps module, to enter expenses as ergonomically as possible.

1. Create a favorite trip

To create a favorite trip, you first need to connect to your N2F account, on the Web version, and then follow this procedure:

a) Manual filling

Once you're on the favorite trip creation menu, you will need to fill in these 4 mandatory fields:

  • Name: the name of the trip, most often it is “Home-Work”, but it can be anything else.
  • Start and End: the exact addresses of the departure and arrival points.
  • Distance: distance in kilometers (or miles, depending on your account settings) that will be automatically entered when selecting this favorite trip in an expense.

Finally, click on “Save” to save the favorite trip.

b) Auto filling with the Google Maps module

Filling with the Google Maps module is even faster, and lets you choose between several options detailed here:

1: Departure and arrival addresses

2: Add a step to the trip

3: Switch the round trip option on, which doubles the distance and lets you enter a round trip in one expense instead of 2.

4: Possibility to choose between different routes if Google Maps detects several of them (the covered distance is automatically updated.)

After entering this information, click on “Save”, you'll be back on the favorite trip creation menu. Fill in the name of the trip, and the trick is done!

WARNING: Your account setting may force you to use the Google Maps module, so the distance can be checked more easily. In that case, a manually filled favorite trip cannot be used in an expense. Ask your N2F Administrator if you need further information on the matter.

1: Favorite trips created with the Google Maps module have this map icon next to them.

2: The funnel icon allows you to search for a favorite trip among those you've already created.

2. Use a favorite trip

In order to use a favorite trip, go to a “Distance” type of expense and click on “Favorite trips”, then select the trip you want to use:

You can also create a new favorite trip from an expense menu by clicking on “New trip”. Then, the favorite trip creation menu opens:

3. Use the Google Maps module for a single trip:

In every “Distance” type of expense, the Google Maps module is available at the usual place of receipts' photos. You can click on it and enter a single trip. It calculates the distance directly and serves as a receipt for the expense.

Create a favorite trip from your mobile device:

1. From the menu:

To create a new favorite trip from the mobile app, you can open the menu on the left and click on “Favorite trips”, you will then see all your already existing favorite trips. To create a new one, click on the green “+” button:

From then on, the procedure is similar to the Web version.

2. From a “Distance” type of expense:

To create a new favorite trip from your phone, you can create a new “Distance” type expense and click on the sign icon:

You can either choose to fill it in manually (1) or using the Google Maps module (2):

If you need further information, feel free to contact our support team at the following coordinates:

By phone: +33(0)4 26 78 52 10 

by email: