Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

N2F has an automatic expense duplicates detection system

Indeed, this system detects duplicates whenever a user submits an expense report. This alert can be seen during Approval, Verification, and Accounting steps. 

When a duplicate is detected, an alert can be seen:

  • On the expense menu
  • On the expenses list
  • On the expense reports list

The alert comes along with the following pictogram: 

When checking an expense with a duplicate alert, there are two different error messages:

  • A duplicate detection alert for the same user

  • A duplicate detection alert between 2 users (inter-employee)

1. General rules for duplicates detection:

The duplicate alert is activated when there are at least two expenses with:

  • The same receipt containing:
    • The same date
    • The same time
    • The same amount
  • Are submitted:
    • This is valid for every user, expense category and expense report template. 

2. Special cases

2.1 Hotels

For the Hotel type of expenses, the only criterion taken into account for duplicates calculation is the date. It seems not justified to have two or more hotel-related expenses in the same day, that's why the alert will display.

2.2 Restaurants

1/ Expenses with a defined type of meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner)

If the type of meal must be specified in the restaurant expense, the detection system will take this into consideration, as 2 lunch expenses cannot be entered the same day.

2/ Expenses with no defined type of meal (hidden field)

In the case of a restaurant expense with an optional type of meal field or a hidden field, then the general rules will apply for duplicates detection.

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