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It is possible with N2F to manage per diems (daily allowances). This category is not standard on N2F, which means that your company must have activated this type of category beforehand. If you have a freelance account, you can activate Per Diems from your webspace > Settings > Advanced settings > Account settings. It will then be possible to create a new per diem directly in a new expense, as you could do for another expense category (1), by selecting the category “Per Diem(2)



You can then specify the nature of your trip by indicating whether it is a trip lasting several days/stages, or a one-day trip or a trip to a particular place (3). You will then have to fill in the different stages of your trip, adding stages if necessary (4)



Once you have entered your various steps, the allowance calculations will automatically take place, creating a new section in the expense category (5)

The per diems calculations may vary depending on the scale chosen by your company (a national scale is applied automatically, but this may be replaced by a personalised scale). 


In this new part of the expenditure category, you will also be able to specify whether additional expenditure is to be recorded in addition to the expenditure already created (6)


Once you have filled in all the required fields, you can validate your expenses by clicking “Save(7)


The expenses related to your trip will then be created in your expense report:


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Please note that once expenses have been created in your expense report, you will not be able to make any change to them. 


For more information, you can contact our support team at the following coordinates:

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