Version: Business Enterprise Advanced

Platform: Web Android IOS

Role: User Manager Accountant Administrator

It is more and more common for companies to need to set different spending limits depending on the type of meal. Up until now, N2F allowed you to manage this case thanks to the custom field settings. Now, you are able to use a «standard» field created in order to facilitate the setting directly from your expense category!

In order to set up this configuration, you need to go to your Settings > Advanced Settings > Expense categories > Select the concerned category > Click on «Rules»:


Choose «Define spending limits» (1) ; You can specify in the first field (2) a default value in case the expense would concern a variable different from «Breakfast», «Lunch» or «Dinner».

Then, you will need to activate the checkmark «Can amounts vary depending on an analytic axis?» (3), and select «Type of meal» (4)


We are almost there! To enter the spending limit amount, click on the small pencil symbol (5).


You can now select each type of meal, and insert the corresponding spending limits.

The support's tip: 

If you are using an Advanced version, and have numerous expense report templates, we advise you to go to the Settings > Advanced Settings > Templates (choose the one you want to modify) and Expense category, then resume the procedure: 


For more details and potential interrogations, contact our support at the following contact information:

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