Version: Business Enterprise Advanced

Platform: Web Android IOS

Role: User Manager Accountant Administrator

The predictive verification functionality has been designed to optimize the accounting verification step in N2F


1) The principle of predictive verification:

When submitting an expense report, an index is assigned to each expense entered in N2F on a scale of 1 to 5. The larger the index, the more the expense appears to be correct. 

The index takes into account many parameters including: 

• Expense data compliance with what was detected by smart scan 

• the configuration of the company rules

• the presence of any alerts (VAT, duplicate, limits, etc.) 

• Our algorithm


A color code is based on this confidence index: 

If the expense is classified as Level 3: meets all criteria of the predictive verification engine and is below tolerance

If the expense is classified in level 2: to check but a priori correct (Confidence index > 3.5 and is above the tolerance line)

If the expense is classified as Level 1: check absolutely. (Confidence Index < 3.5)

* The tolerance limit is by default set to £8 but it can be modified according to your needs. To do this, you must go to the "Company" menu from the advanced settings and click on the "Rules settings" button. If necessary, the support can help you for the configuration. 

2) In Situation : 

A tab to predictive verification is available in the verification menu:

Expenses are grouped by level



Expenses classified in this group have a confidence index of less than 3.5. For example, we find here expenses with alerts (VAT, limits, etc.), with handwritten receipts, …


Expenses classified in this group may have a confidence index of 5 but are above the tolerance threshold.

Expenses classified in this group have a confidence index above 3.5 and are below the tolerance threshold.

3) Verification :

It is recommended that you start by checking Level 1 expenses. Once the first expense has been corrected, the

button "Next" allows you to proceed to the next expense verification, of the same level.

Once all group expenses have been verified, a message will take you to the next level:

For more details and any additional questions, contact our support: