As an administrator, you have the possibility to allow the submission of an expense report over a defined period by following these steps.

Version : Business Enterprise Advanced

Environment : Web Android IOS

Status : User Manager Accountant Administrator

To begin with, go to your Settings / Advanced Settings / Templates and select the template you wish to modify.

Inside the template, open the Advanced Settings and then scroll down to the "Submission calendar" Section. 

When ticking "Can the elements (expense report) of this template only be submitted during a specific time period", N2F enables you to configure submission periods.

If you want to have a fixed submission period (the same one every month), you will need to tick the first box "Are the submissions periods the same every month".

You will then be able to set the period by adding a starting and an ending date

If, however, you would rather have different dates depending on what month it is, you can click on "Configure each month", and then add dates for each of them:

If a user tries to submit a report outside their authorized submission period, they will receive the following error message: